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Originally Posted by makkan00
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Think it's just the photo mak. Nothing's different since you snapped them. Just gone outside and they light up normally and get bright ( reflection on inner garage) when hit the brake pedal. However I don't think they have been coded properly as I noticed they flickered when started at the exhaust place.

The place that did them are great but novices with the auto logic. Could they have missed something for them to still flicker?
If you meet Nick in Essex, please compare yours to his. There is something not right there in the photos mate (I may be wrong).

How is your M3 doing in the snow? Any trouble?
Will do mak. 100% sure it's just the the glare on the iPhone pic.

Just rechecked and they look like this,

And obviously get brighter when the brake pedals on.

I do need the to sort the flicker out, so will take it back to them to check. I recall reading another thread and the chap had them working but had not turned off something on auto logic, so had a flicker.