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I also rate this forum very highly.

There are only two forums where I've breached the 5000 post mark, this one and my own (where I've more than doubled it). I'm just not interested in the banter enough to do it anywhere else.

All marque specific forums will rise and fall: But the reason this one is as strong as it is still (Although it is on an obvious downturn and has been for a good year truth be told) is the people that have hung around long after moving on from the car that brought them here.

I went for a year without an E9x but had no consideration toward moving on whatsoever; And in a way - it's this forum that cemented my desire to get another E9x after that (The 335d ).

On that note though...
I don't feel that enough of us are making the same choices for us to say move to F30post or whathaveyou. I also feel that BMW's marketing strategy means that the bimmerpost model (Seperate entire subsections for each model designation) is bound to mean that future marque forums on bimmerpost could never be as good.
Where we had E90post we're now feasibly going to have subforums for 3 different likely replacement cars: The 2 series, 3 series and 4 series. Even if we all stayed with the same brand: Chances are that'd split the community likely in 3. We do need a place to call our own, for those that want it.

I would be more than willing to invite you folks onto my other forum which is marque independant and will stand the test of time - unlike this one which may eventually fall by the wayside. However, I don't feel that the time for such a thing has yet come and wouldn't want to push advertising of my own community to the detriment of this one.

Again maybe something to talk about further in future - as I don't want to be called out for pushing any agendas or etc. That's not what this topic is about.

Last question re the meet scott, I'm organising a mini meet in March at the Ace just for those that want a quick 2 hour catch up. I imagine that Matt (Halfpenny) will sort a summer Gloucester meet again (Although if only 2 other cars turn up again it might unfortunately be the last.. Let's try and put in a good showing chaps! ) and hopefully Rog / Gav will sort a northern meet (Best meet possibly ever, certainly since UK9) this year too. Those will be the big ones.

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