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This thread is a little bit ghey but i do have to agree. It's a pretty good forum.

I could have wrote many of the posts above. Sold my e90 a few years ago now, I actually liked this forum more than I ever liked my e90 . I tend to join a lot of forums but I stick around on very few, the only 2 are really this one and Z4forum which in an odd way is like a parallel universe. I no longer venture into any other area of this forum unless I want a laugh at all the "bruv" type banter and to see what people are doing to these cars now. I never comment though, no point in being rude.

I tend to pop in here several times a day. As long as the familiar names stay I probably always will and will no doubt remain relatively ignorant to the other areas of the e90 forum and the site as a whole. When I bought the f20 I ventured into the F20 section and it's not a patch on here, went to babybmw and while it's better it's still not the same.
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