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I echo what others have said - this has always been a great forum.

I joined back in 2007 when I had just ordered my E93 325i - one of the very first ones delivered and like others, were sharing stories of things we were discovering, common failures (injectors, HPFP's etc.). As the years have gone by and the cars got older, there does seem to be a common trait of the same questions being asked over and over, which has made me frequent it less often.

That coupled with the fact that I got rid of the M3 a year ago and defected to a different brand, and also have had another little one born, means that motivation and time seemed to diminish slightly.

I do however lurk on here and often pop on in my lunch hour to have a browse around. i don't tend to post much, mainly as it might be a few days until I log on again, and once a conversation starts, it is rude to not reply back.

I have been to a meet and also organised one myself, and have met some great members there. Maybe some of us older ones, should try and get back on here a bit more often? We all say no one goes on it, but if we all have that attitude, then that WILL be the case!

My next car will defo be a BMW again....cant wait