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I once made the mistake of adjusting my seat to the perfect position (ready to save into memory). By accident, I then pressed one of the other memory buttons and the seat went nuts. The previous owner must have been a VERY short woman.

I count the amount of morons that I see driving with foglights on and their main lights set to side lights.

I like to have my music on even volume, as I do with the TV.

I always re-arrange everything in the boot so that its neat. However, after some 'spirited' driving I know it will be all over the place again.

If I spot something which isn't square, a book in a bookshelf, or something that doesn't sit right, I will have to adjust it.

One weird thing that I do is that I sometimes feel the need grab a leaf, flower or twig off the nearest bush and then pull the leaf to bits systematically as I walk along..

Sometimes when I'm walking down a corridor I feel the need to 'tap' on the walls as I go along..

My desk at work is always set to how I like it. However, the cleaner feels the need to re-arrange my desk to her liking every day (never the same).