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Exclamation Knocking sound under bonnet. HELP

I drive a BMW 3 series Coupe e92 2007 AUTO it's driven about 44k miles since I've bought the car i've had nothing but problems.

The differential went but that was covered by the dealer i bought it from.

Now just after the warranty has expired there is a knocking sound that has got progressively worse.

You can hear it when inside the car, it seems to be nearer towards the passenger side and you are only able to hear it when the car is in D or R. You cant hear the noise when your driving its generally when your coming to a stop and the revs are lowering.

I've tried reading some forums and from what i've gathered there are a few different things it could be.

water pump, alternator, engine mount, fuel injectors, pistons.

Just want some clarity around the issue, BMW dealers are expensive and are useless. I wondered if anyone knew any BMW Specialists near Crystal Palace, South London.

Or if anyone has experienced the same issue and could potentially help.