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Originally Posted by Cheesegeezer View Post
Okee Dokee, so moving along with keeping 4" mids and 8" underseat subs. Are there any tight punchy shallow 8". What are the Pioneers like, I know they are relatively cheap but price doesn't necessarily reflect quality. There are many reviews which seem to praise them, but none which describe the bass as punchy.

Others to select from are Kicker, Hertz and Earthquake and Audio Systems(BMW specific sub) oh and the Jehnert 8"

I see sense in what you guys are saying, I'm not playing devil's advocate but trying to better understand what options I have.
About amps, it all depens on which route you are going for.
If you are going pioneer HU route, then going active (best thing you can do) is must.
You would require something like XD 600/6 for it.
1 pair for tweeters
1 pairs for mids
1 pair for underseats

In network mode of HU, you will get three pairs of RCA (low / mid / high) and you can control all sort of attributes from your HU.

If you are going down the HU + Bit one route, then you would require 4 channel amp.
2 channels for front mids and tweeter via passive xover
2 channels for underseats

XD 600/6 can still work in this scenario. you can bridge channel 3&4 and 5&6 for your underseats.

You will still require lots of tweaking / adjusting / readjusting on bit one though.

Referring to underseats, what pioneer under seats are you considering?