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JB4 18.7psi @3,500rpm log w/ E85+93octane

I've been reading up on our TD03 efficiency, and how much maximum boost/rpm it can handle without going beyond it's efficiency range to overdrive and cause damage. I came upon this: (Credit member cstavaru).

What did I decide to try out? Increase midrange boost targets to 18.5between 3,000rpm-4,000rpm (previous kept at 16.1 ramping up to 16.7 in that same range, and a peak of 17.2psi @ 5,500rpm) to see if my car is happy with it while keeping high rpm boost targets/tapper the same as running Map 5. The picture of the log I'm attaching is the very first run on map 6; it takes approx 2-3 runs for the JB4 to learn the curve completely. At first, the initial A/R ratio scared the crap out of me, but then I looked at my previous logs, compared it to other peoples, it they are inline with other JB4 users. COBB fueling reflash in my future to solve that

Notice my LPFP value (Oil temp) dropping below a value of 50, it only happens when temps are below 60F at higher boost levels , but my HPFP value's are spot on.

Mods: JB4 G5 ISO, DCI, approx E50 mix, no methanol.
Avg Ignition Correction: 0
Autolearning level: 15 (which is apparently the max value)

Anything dangerous spotted? Please let me know, nothing out of the ordinary has creeped up yet, smooth as butter, minus the substantially more aggressive induction growl/drone in the midrange caused by more boost. Midrange torque/acceleration gain is noticable, I overshot peak target by .2psi (18.5 input, 18.7output)
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