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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post

no way in hell would i get a new valve body i would either get a sonnex performed on it or Go manual swap. 3k FML.
The new ZF modules are redesigned with "Sonnax-like" mods already. They've used all the knowledge gained from the field to redesign their latest VBs (at least that's what I heard from ZF). If Sonnax actually rebuilt these things, I'd trust them over a brand new VB, but they only make the kits and tooling and I've seen some pretty crappy rebuilds that claim to have been done with Sonnax parts.

FWIW, my new VB shifts better than I ever remember this thing working since I got it (I got it used with 50K miles on it).

I hadn't even considered a manual swap. In retrospect that would have been the way to go. What does "FML" mean? Is that $3K for the swap? I've got $3.5K in this rebuild.