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Originally Posted by N111CUK View Post
I just figured that with my setup launching from 2nd gear is better because i have the torque exchange in my transmission

therefore going taller would mean 1st gear is more usable for standing starts. once rolling 6AT's just adjust accordingly and wit all the torque of the N54 those taller gears would suit it better.

what do you think?
I have the 3.15 with auto. 1st gear is perfect as its a bit shorter than my stock 2nd gear for launches but not short enough to make the launch very tricky.
The only major negative I have is that at highway speeds the revs in 6th sit in the drone sweet spot of the AE Exhaust I had on. It was unbearable and I have put stock exhaust back on. At 120-130km/h the car cruising right in the droning spot.
My consumption with the diff also sits lower than 10L/100km always.
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