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ideas and feedback welcome please thanks! BTW the other big reason I went for placing the leds in the ACC is, I don't trust my ability to cut straight lines in the dash parts that will be visible to the driver. By using the ACC I avoid a bunch of cuts that I would have to make by placing the leds in some 'cooler' places like around the bottom of the cluster. I also thought about placing some leds along the very top of the cluster but when I drive, the steering wheel blocks that area from my view. Oh, Ive already shaved down the foam prototype led lens holder - the white thing with the 7 holes in it - so that it doesn't cause the top of it's slot fo bulge....

I'm planning on writing up a diy on this entire multistage process.

Ok I just realized that as I've ALREADY soldered wires to lights 1-5, I'm going to have to not use light 1 or 8 (8 lights just won't fit in the available slot, and I think 1 will have to go as it's closer to the side of that slot. I'm not going to undo the work i've already done because the wires are also glued (glue gun) and I'm not undoing all of that...

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