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Originally Posted by boostaholic786 View Post
I think this ^ would be the ideal setup seeing as you really need to focus on keeping you IAT's and oil temps down. Methanol injection is very safe and basically rocks for power AND cooling. If you are tracking the car I think that Methanol Injection should be in your top things to do... And make sure you do a proper rear trunk mount setup not the bull crap Windshield Wiper kit due to potential spilling or even Methanol vapors that can catch fire Def rear trunk mount is way to go!
Thanks for clarifying...yes a trunk mount is a necessity. I would add that 50/50 is the best ratio for the track because it's actually the water that cools the IATs...the meth provides for octane enhancement.

Originally Posted by ashmostro View Post
Ah, crap. I was going off of the ER site and assumed the DCT is considered an automatic.

So what does that mean in terms of buying a complete replacement diff assembly? Do I need the conversion kit too?
Any reputable shop that does diff work can look up whether yours is bolted or welded. There's a vendor here on bimmerpost that can help you - HP Autoworks.

Originally Posted by ashmostro View Post
Not that it's the only concern, but which option has the lower initial cash outlay? (Meth vs enhanced external cooling)
I would go with the tune/meth combination. The Procede is more expensive than the BMS kit and I think both are WW mount so you would have to do the trunk conversion.

Procede + meth is around $2K and the BMS is half that.

Which tune is best? I'm not going there...Both Terry and Shiv and good friends of mine...but for tracking I believe the Procede has an advantage given the flexibility of creating your own customized boost profile. This is key at the track where you don't want the onset of a massive power spike to upset the car. With the Procede, you can make a linear boost curve and datalog until you find the perfect set up for the track. You can have as much boost or a little as you want at any RPM. I created a track "curve" where my boost was linear from idle (5psi) to redline (16psi).
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