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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
About amps, it all depens on which route you are going for.
If you are going pioneer HU route, then going active (best thing you can do) is must.
You would require something like XD 600/6 for it.
1 pair for tweeters
1 pairs for mids
1 pair for underseats

In network mode of HU, you will get three pairs of RCA (low / mid / high) and you can control all sort of attributes from your HU.

If you are going down the HU + Bit one route, then you would require 4 channel amp.
2 channels for front mids and tweeter via passive xover
2 channels for underseats

XD 600/6 can still work in this scenario. you can bridge channel 3&4 and 5&6 for your underseats.

You will still require lots of tweaking / adjusting / readjusting on bit one though.

Referring to underseats, what pioneer under seats are you considering?
These are the Pioneers. Have a mounting depth of 2.5"(63.5mm) I think the max for the underseat is 54mm if i'm not mistaken , but I believe that mounting plates/spacers can over come this as we are only talking 1cm difference.

So, what advantages do you gain from an active system over passive, generally speaking.

EDIT: ignore that, i've found a great write up on passive and active.

Thanks for sticking with this
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