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If your AST's have adjustable sway bar endlink tabs, they are a blessing and a curse.

It's a good feature but I think the execution could have been better. The collars are not very good at keeping the tab in place without rotating.

For me, it was an iterative process to set them up so that there was no preload on the sway bar. I first disconnected both links from the struts. After that, I put the wheels back on, drove up on ramps and then estimated where the tab should be for the end link to go in so that the rod end is parallel with the hole in the tab. Then, back on jackstands, took the wheels off (or else can't rotate the tab without it hitting the inner rim barrel), and rotated the tab to the height required. Then, I jacked up each side of the front to approximately the correct ride height (essentially, just until the car started barely coming off the jackstands).

Then, I bolted the end links in. Be sure to tighten the tab collars. I did not tighten them enough and it caused the tab to rotate when I turned the wheel which damaged one of the end link boots.

You may have to repeat the process until you get them perfectly correct to eliminate all preload. Remember that there should be no preload at the proper ride height so either drive up on ramps to load both wheels or jack both hubs up to the proper height.