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Originally Posted by shortie View Post
Does the 330d not suffer with the timing chain issues? What problems does it have?

Is the 325d the same engine as the 330d but just detuned?
See my N57 thread regarding the noisy chain:-

The 330d engine change over from M57 to N57 is the at LCi introduction. For the 325d this differs. Lci 2008-2010 was still in majority the older M57 engine. 2010 saw the 325d got the N57.

The N57 engine shares engine components with the N47 engine, including the chains (all 3 of them) and the guides.

The official stance from BMW UK is that the guides only 'distort' and are not in actual fact wearing. I dont believe this for a slpit second. The rattle noise is due to slack in the chain and therefore must be rattling against something... i.e the guides! I had this lengthy argument as BMW UK refused to renew the engine oil as it wouldnt have been contaminated.

Mine was noisy at sub 60K... and with the amount of noise it was making i wouldnt have thought the engine would have saw 100K.

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