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E90 330d M Sport 57 plate

Just had my DPF removed cos it was totally blocked. Car had already been mapped to 280BHP but there was definitely a difference once the DPF had been removed. And I mean above and beyond what the original remap felt like. I did have small issue with a "hiccup" last week ( a seconds worth of hesitation on light acceleration) that I thought was maybe because the DPF software hadnt been removed or an issue with the EGR even tho it was cleaned but its never done the same thing since.
They couldnt map out the DPF when they removed it at the garage initially cos the software guy was off so I've been to the original remappers to get it done today and at the same time to get it tweaked in response to the freer flowing exhaust. This new map added approx 15BHP on top of the 285BHP it was originally.
Did 46 MPG on the way back on A roads and over fells over 45 miles and I wasnt dawdling.
The cars awesome. Totally
If the DPF is going then get shot. But if you do the required decent runs on the motorway to ensure the regens get done and arent a speed head then leave alone. But if its performance your bothered about then get rid maybe!