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Originally Posted by msrothwell View Post
The Conti DW in 255/40R17 is lighter than the RE050 RFT in 225/45R17. The 8.5" wheel is only a pound or two heavier than the 8" wheel.
I'm running DW all around. My guesstimate for difference in 8 vs 8.5 161's is 1 to 1.5 lbs (per the bathroom scale). Tirerack claims difference between DW 225 and 255 is three lbs, so if I stayed with DW, the increase is ~4 lbs up front. To go with DW 245/40 sq, front would gain ~3 and rear would lose ~1. To go with PSS 245/40, increase is 5 lbs and rear increase is 1.

I'd love to make the lightweight wheel play as part of this, but again, not in the budget.