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Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
thanks a lot ken and joel for the very useful insight.... i didnt know this was a common issue among most DI engines... i thought it was just an issue with the N54/55 engines. i guess i never faced such an issue cos my cars have always been old tech (non-DI).

glen, how would you suggest to get sea foam to clean those valves? you just pour it into the intake manifold? i dont know how that would work.
Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
There's a number of threads on the Mini forums about how to do it, I would have to look it up ... but something along those lines, yeah. It creates a massive cloud of smoke and is scary as all hell, but it seems to actually work, contrary to what uncle Ken says (at least the consensus on the Mini forums seems to be that it does).
Well, pretty sure seafoam will do squat

Picture a thick layer of grease that caked on the valves as well as intake tracks over time, and rubbing with a tooth brush won't do anything, but instead you have to blast away with a very abrasive material (enter crushed walnut shells), chemicals have little chance to work, unless you're pouring acid in ......
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