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I had a mazda 6 MPS from New and thoroughly enjoyed it..In thick fog and snow it managed very securely and safely, whilst also giving some fun when needed. Was very quick in straight line and grip around bends.. but had to keep foot down or else car got confused and understeered too much as rear wheel drive didn't really kick in.

Also the car was very well specced for what I needed... and looked like a Q-car in the black pearl finish.

The Xenons were far better than on my E90.

The clutch is heavy and easy to stall the car. Gives the left knee a good work out and ladies complain it is hard to drive.

The fuel consumption was the killer for me, even driving in high gears where there was plenty of torque, I struggled to get over 25mpg... and that was mostly motorway runs. But it was far more comfortable at large speeds compared to the E90.

I got the car new for a little over 18K, did 11K miles in 6 months and sold it for 12K.

I do miss it and would consider one if the tax wasn't 400pa. Or as a far cheaper alternative to Audi's performance models.