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Originally Posted by kkashanchi View Post
can you post the exact map 6 values you're using?

also, how many gallons of e85 are y ou mixing with 93 to get e50?
9 gallons of E85, the rest is 93octane with 10%, it's an approximate figure because I haven't tested the E85 in this tank, first time I found this new supplier.

The boost value's are (I have slightly modified AFR values too):

1500 15.4
2000 16.7
3000 17.8
3500 18.5
4000 18.5
4500 17.8
5000 17.4
5500 16.9
6000 14.2
6500 12.2
7000 10.9

I originally started at 19.5psi in the midrange, but I ended up with avg ignition correction value of 1.4. I started to play around and taper the boost in the midrange until the correction value was 0, then dialed back the boost an additional .5psi in the midrange because my car reliably overshoots target.

I dialed back boost, too much wheelspin, even starting in 3rd gear @ 2,500rpm. I reckon i'll have better traction when the temps aren't hovering around 60F.

1500 15.4
2000 16.7
3000 17.3
3500 17.5
4000 17.5
4500 17.3
5000 17.2
5500 16.8
6000 14.2
6500 12.2
7000 10.9

When I run methanol (which I haven't had time to install my replacement pump), I taper to 14.7psi at redline with the additional fueling it brings. I prefer the settings in bold for the time being, I may consider rerunning close to 19psi once it gets warmer and I can get the methanol pump back on.
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