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Just went to Pharaohs Shisha Lounge in Torrance last night as I'm down here in LA with a buddy for a little vacation. This place was awesome, great friendly and helpful "server" Peter who was a cool guy to talk to. Prices were very reasonable IMO, $13-15 for the first bowl, $6-8 for every bowl after that. Drinks were $1-3. Starbuzz and Al fahker shisha, all the common flavors from both brands. KM single hose ~30" hookah, KM hoses, Standard bowls, Natural cowls (coal service was excellent BTW). Good variety of music playing (Hip Hop/rap~Reggae). TV's had NBA games playing!

If anyone is in the area tonight and wants to kick it at a hookah lounge me and buddy will most likely go back tonight seeing as though we don't have much else to do!