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Originally Posted by kkashanchi View Post
thank you so much! what is your open loop fueling set at?
Originally Posted by Jeff@TopGearSolutions View Post
To be honest you are probably leaving some power on the table for top end. You could probably run a bit more boost, especially on methanol or run more ignition.
I purposely dialed in my high rpm boost the way I did because I get a 2.4 degree timing drop running boost above 13.4psi @ 6,300rpm when temps drop to 60F running just E85/93 octane only, whereas running the same fuel with temps above 80F, I can run as much as 15psi @6,300rpm with no issue's. Can't wait until it warms up again so I can dial in less tapper.

Then again, I don't know why I just don't keep it set at less tapper and just short-shift right before 6,300rpm, it's easier to set the shift light than hooking up the laptop to change boost values

kkashanchi, you can experiement with boost levels up top if your car is happy with it. My AFR value's are +10 from the default G5 ISO values at 3000 and 4000rpm, and +5 @ 2,500 and 4,500rpm.

I'm still below the efficiency range/ max boost per rpm of these small TD-03 below 5,000rpm. Try it at your own risk though.
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