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Originally Posted by MrPogle View Post
I was pathetically pleased with myself.
yeah I felt that after having to overtake a mitsubishi warrior last night!!

Few people mentioning Vreds Wintrac extreme. I had them last year and they def suffered aquaplaning and I found grip on hard packed icy snow wasn't as good as Nokians. They were 265's and maybe the fact the Nokians are 235 helps a bit.

Had Dunlop Wintersport M3's years ago on our golf and they were fantastic. Money no object I would have put Dunlops on the 335i but the Nokians, whilst not cheap, are doing well for their cost. I tried to get a matching set but the tyre places let me down and I ended up with WRA3's on the front and WR on the rear. Def think the A3's are grippier and the WR not as good as the WRG2 I had 2 years ago.

Night and day grip in snow over the goodyear assy2 summers though, they were almost ditch finders at 20mph when I got caught out in October!