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Review: Meyle rotors, Akebono pads

So my rear brakes on my 06 325i were shot and I couldn't stand cleaning the brake dust off of mesh wheels so I decided to give akebono euro ceramic pads a try.

Did some research and ended up getting the pads from amazon and the rotors from fcp euro. Pads and rotors took about a week to arrive.

Instal was a breeze with the help of the fcp video on YouTube. Complete install took about 2 hours.

I've had these installed in the rear for about 2 weeks now and I honestly have zero complaints. Brake dust is about 80% less than oem pads.

I was a bit hesitant to use Meyle rotors as I couldn't find any reviews on them for e9x application. Now that I've had them for 2 weeks I can honestly say they are just as good as the oems.

The only difference I've noticed is when the pads/rotors are dead cold in the morning there is a very slight squeak for the first few stops, although once I brake harder or go threw a few braking cycles the pads heat up and become completely quiet.