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Originally Posted by ErvGotti View Post
No need to be dismissive. These injectors can be hit or miss as there are also many members here who have over 50k miles tuned without injector problems. Since you know so much about direct injectors, you know that most modern diesel injectors (which are direct injected) are lubricated with oil, not to mention the lubricity of diesel itself.

Our injectors have no such luxury. So when you constantly add E85 to injectors that were meant for gasoline you get an abrupt failure of multiple injectors like I had. I might have had a bad batch, but E85 more than likely speed up the process. Hell even at 20% the many logs on here show the LPFP working over time to keep up the demand. Logic would dictate that if E85 puts a higher demand on one part of the system that other parts are more than likely feeling that same effect.

Like I said my whole point of this thread is to warn those that might not have the cash or warranty to replace multiple injectors that maybe just maybe you have a bad batch of injectors that E85 might accelerate wear.
Gee- the low pressure pump working harder? No kidding? Almost like it has to supply approximately 30-40% more fuel because its e85?