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Thumbs up Fields BMW - Lakeland, FL

I have had an excellent experience at Fields BMW in Lakeland, FL (between Orlando and Tampa). Their center is really cozy... there is a kitchen with free Ice Cream (in the buckets like Baskin Robins or Marble Slab), free drinks and doughnuts. My sales guy was very helpful and more willing to show me everything I wanted to see on the 3 series than any of the other two dealerships I went to. From the beginning Fields worked with me on the lowest price in the bay area and never said "no" they were always willing to work to make the deal. I pick my car up in about two weeks so we'll see how they do on delivery.

On the other hand let me share my bad experience with one of the dealerships here in the area. Reeves Import Motor Cars in Tampa. I emailed back and forth a bit with their internet rep before going in to test drive the car. I set an appointment for 3pm the next day to come look around, talk to her and see the car. I show up and all is good, someone else is out on a test drive in the 325 so I was waiting; while I waited I wanted to see the idrive a little more... but the lady just walked over to the simulator and kinda went through the motions - like I was some punk kid who couldn't afford this car anyway. So I was a little annoyed. Next, while we were about to go on the test drive she got a phone call... one of her other customers had shown up early - so she pawned me off to another sales guy to go help them!! The other sales guy, with whome I had not been dealing, did the test drive because I wasn't as important as the next older customer arriving. Then I went to talk money and when I named my price he said he couldn't do it. The next day I called Fields and over the phone I bought a 325 with navi, prem package, prem sound, xenon and sat radio... cause, ya' know... I'm a punk kid not worth the time, right?

Anyway... so not only did they give me a lower price than anyone else was willing to do (38,100) but their dealer fee was much lower and they offered the valet service to pick up my car for oil changes leaving me with a loaner... reeves didn't offer than service. They also gave me a fair deal on my trade-in. When I asked to see the iDrive, my sales guy got the keys to a car, turned it on and walked me though every menu... THAT is the kind of service I want. Since then he called to run my specs by me again the day before my car went into production just to make sure everything was good (good thing cause I had to make a small last minute change on my trim - I'm so indecisive), I like that kind of attention to detail.

So, in short:
Fields = YES! Reeves = NOT ON YOUR LIFE

I'm just sayin...