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Sup guys! i havnt been here in ages..

So i ended up buying a Arqray titanium rear exhaust. Love the sound of it, sounds beefy and nicer than stock. Fitted it and polished it up.

Long story short, i was having bad luck with wheel purchases. I got jipped twice. Its pretty sad.
Well after all that, i made the purchase for some wheels from Japan. It was my first time and i was pretty iffy about it.
It wasnt through jesse streeter, or import monster like most would recommend but a guy that was on the forums. A few guys used him and said he was good and honest. So i took a gamble.

I ended up buying the wheels. Genuine 5x120 and BMW centre bore..72.56? or something like that. 18x9 +12 and 18x10.5 +27.
It was coming by sea and the guy said 5-8 weeks delivery..another thing that made me you cant really track sea freight (only when it has left the origin country and when it has arrived in Sydney).

Well, as the weeks went by, i kept checking the tracking..almost everyday at work. I was getting bored and started to look for some temporary wheels. I was going to get some style 95s for fun but i thought no, i'll hold out till my wheels come. was Wednesday 16th of January..i did my routine check of the tracking in the morning at work..was upset cause it was all the same. Then in the afternoon, before i was about to go home, i checked it again and BAM! it said location "Sydney". My heart pumped like crazy and i was like so happy. It was exactly 6 weeks from when it was sent.

Come Thursday, i was hoping for them to arrive but they didnt i assume it was still getting processed..then friday, i left for work later than usual..and 5 mins after leaving i got a message from my sister saying they arrived..that made my day already! lol couldnt wait to get home.

When i got home, i test fitted them. It was really a gamble as i didnt have much knowledge about E90 wheel sizes and offsets..trying to work off peoples specs from the the photos on the internet isnt easy. So here they are, my work equip wheels

Rare as fk! think these came out in the 90s? yeah i'll have to check the stickers again. As you can see, the fitment is pretty good but i think the rears could be abit more aggressive. Unfortunately, one of the centre caps was damaged which i wasnt aware of..was worried i wouldnt find any since theyre discountinued and rare..but i jumped on ebay aus and there was a set for sale! fkign cheering! i bought them straight away and luckily he lives close by to me.

Well today, Saturday. I was keen on fitting tyres. I was very determined to get some on asap! Could up my usual guy on Friday before i even got home to test fit them. He said he didnt have any in stock and that he couldnt do it on Saturday anyways. So i thought fair enough. So i was on the hunt to find someone who was able to do it.

I found a store that had them in stock..245s. So i went there, they attempted to fit them onto my 10.5s but they couldnt..attempted it 5 times with a bead blaster. Very incompetent..they suck. He said they were too small. So im like fine! i gave in and said put some 255s on then. So they put it on. One went on easily, the other took a couple attempts-.- they finally got them on..then he wanted to charge me an extra $10 for wheel balancing..was fked..but i said yeah whatever. He balanced them and then i was off..2 fking hours later.

I was pretty pissed cause of the tyre size and the price i had to pay in the end. I had another store which i called up earlier that had some tyres that i needed for the fronts. But i was like no, lets go home cause i was pissed and it started raining. While on the way home, going through the M5 i thought, lets just stop by my usual store and ask him for the fronts. Rocked up, saw him and asked for my front tyres. He said alright take the wheels done. We went to look for the tyres and he had alot in stock for the front..grabbed two then he was like what about your rears? what were you after? im like 245s..then hes like oh we got some in stock this like FML! i was like can you fit them onto 10.5s? hes like yeah. So im like okay, fk lets do it! so i took the 255s which i just bought off and he went to put the 245s was on with ease. Took him literally 5 mins to fit them. I was so happy. I knew i shouldve just went there first, hes the best. He fitted the fronts, and i took my 255s home. Couldnt fit in the daily..had to shove them into the rear seat and couldnt see out the rear window on the way home. Within 30 mins i had them on:

I shall go lower all around soon. Still got to take it for a spin. I also need to pick up the centre caps and fit them.