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Upgraded clutch advice

I'm getting clutch slip when running meth. It's annoying that its not all the time as I can hear a voice in the back of my head saying "just don't run meth dopey"...

But in the long run it will need sorting. I'm at 97k miles now. My dilemma is which clutch to go for to handle the power/torque whilst not costing a fortune. I'm also concerned that the DMF may need machining or replacement and want to plan ahead for this. Any experience with our DMF is most welcome.

First choice at the moment is a spec stage 2+ clutch which is £633 delivered or around £850 fitted. Does this sound about right?

I was considering ACT street clutch but apparently these wear quickly and can't handle big torque (I'm at over 500lb/ft)..

Any other options or recommendations I should consider?
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