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Originally Posted by Rob32R View Post
Are you somehow related to sbce90?

Absolutely stunning Nick! I love the Work Equips wheels. You surely do impress me when it comes to stance on BMW's. I'm a massive fan of Aqray exhausts especially when it has titanium tips and blends in with the paint colour of the car.

You and sbce90 need to do a photoshoot together ''Stanced E90's''

Thanks man. Yeah man, were both asian

This isnt really as stanced as i hoped. I plan to do some minor touchups..maybe some spacers and adjust camber. Yeah the exhaust looks good, i love the polish look but its gay since the car is low you cant see it from the rear.

And that was the plan! Suj just needs to come back.

Originally Posted by sbce90 View Post
You tease nick. Moar pics naoooooo
Tomorrow after i fix it up abit.


I went to test drive it just then..holy fk it scrubs lol.
Well my rear not so much, the rear is rubbing on the felt that under there..

Front is rubbing right where the bumper meets the fender. Its cause i chose to run 225s as oppose to 215s..which i blame ALLEN.J! lol hope he see this.

But yeah, tomorrow i will adjust the front camber since its currently its all natural camber from being lowered. Once i get it all right, i will get it aligned.