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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
I guess you haven't heard, we did that. It's not working. We need to try something else.

Nobody is talking about taking away anybody's guns or banning all guns. The proposed legislation targets the more menacing guns designed for no other reason than to do maximum damage to humans in the shortest amount of time.

Please tell me why anyone needs an AK-47 or XM-15???? Never seen anyone go hunting with one of those.
Please define "menacing gun" for me. Is it the black plastic stock criterion?

You are definitely missing the point on this. You don't get to challenge what I want to own, it's none of your business. I obey all laws and pose no threat to anyone that isn't threatening me or mine (or you). It's none of your business what kind of gun I have or want.

As mentioned before--there is no roadway in the US where you can use a BMW to its full potential so why do you/we need one?