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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
Decode car is worthless they do have option to verify every change in module , what date and time you read module and make any changes, BUT they usually didnt do that

I didn't know the ECU logs change date/time. Hm. Bummer.

My guess would be though, if I changed something from "nicht" to "aktiv" then back to "nicht" for example - they would probably only see the last change, no? So they might know I changed it to "nicht" on date/time - but not when I had previously changed it to "aktiv"? I'm just guessing from a purely physical hardware perspective - they can't hold my cruise control speed after power-off but will keep an endless list of module change date/times? No. Actually. That makes sense - CYA first, CUSTOMER second. ha.

Ok thanks for the info!