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Steering Noise Issue

Hey guys, I have an 08 328xi Sedan. Just last night I was coming home, and I started hearing squeaky noises coming from the steering every time I turned the steering towards the left. So, I am the paranoid kind and I called my service adviser right away. He said to bring it in so they can check it out. I showed their master mechanic what was going on and then he took it to the back to lift the car and check whats happening. Came back after 10-15 minutes and told me its the steering shaft u joint that needs to be replaced. My car is CPO so Thank God its covered ($50 deductible I have to pay which I dont mind), set up an appointment for Monday morning. And today I was driving the car and I didn't hear any noise at all, so should I still take it in to the dealer and get it replaced or should I skip on it? Kind of confused because now I think its maybe not the steering shaft u joint that was making the noise?

Any ideas what I should do?

2008 BMW 328xi Sedan - Montego Blue Metallic