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Originally Posted by GreekboyD View Post
No CAL. I have all of the parts. Looking to do it in March.
Received a quote from a high end speed shop to do many of the things that you are doing. I have since decided to start with just LSD, M3 Rear Subframe Bushings, and M3 E93 Front and Rear Sway bars, but here is what I had for labor quotes for much of the other stuff.

Sorry but this seems to be a bit apples and oranges since they bundled some of the costs.

1. With discount, to remove current springs/dampers and install a new TC Kline kit and the front and rear M3 control arms, $1,150 (10 hours)

2. Rear Subframe bushings, old out, new in, $750 (6 hours)

3. They did not separately itemize the sway labor, so it was probably part of #1 of #2 (or maybe a payment time surprise for me). They told me the rear was 3 hours and the front was one hour. In my reduced scope quote this labor was $460.

So, it sounds like you guys are getting it done at a much more modest labor rate and/or the labor hours quoted me are too high.
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