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From E90 320D SE to E92 335D SE

I'll keep this short and sweet as i'm starving (eaten just one sandwich today!) and I just want to go back out and drive and burn all the diesel in the car.

OH MY F***ING DAYS!!!!!!......Those were the words that left my mouth when i switched to DS mode and put my foot down. The car just accelerated so quickly, and the noise! It sounded beautiful! The car is just so flat around the corners and not sure if this is psychological but it felt more grippy than my 320D, which had Eagle F1 A2s (NRFTs) and this has bridgestone RFTS. I just want to drive and drive and drive....

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, i only had my iphone and i was freezing. The car is Sparkling Graphite with Coral Red interior. Done 36k full BMW service history and 2 years warranty from today.

So here are the pics, starting with my 320D looking upset at being locked in. Going to miss her, had some good times

The new wheels:

Wish i took more pics of the interior:

Future mods i have in mind are:

Black grills
Black window trim (maybe plastidip?)
Replace RFTs with Conti 5ps (even though it seems really good im sure the handling will improve with this switch)
Install the M3 paddle shifters i bought on here
Wrap interior metal trim, maybe carbon black or red?
Get some nice looking brake discs when they become due
Window tint
Exhaust tips maybe

I'm sure there are other mods i could do but at the moment i want to keep it simple (and cheap!), and in time will spend more money on it im sure

Would love to have your input and recommendations as to what i can do relatively cheaply, and of course your first impressions.

Ah i can't wait to go back out in it!!