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Very nice colour combo was something I was on the lookout for when searching for my 335i, sadly nothing showed up for me.

Re ditching the RFL's for Conti 5's first thing I done I run the standards Bridgestone RFL's for around 3 weeks before replacing them, immediate improvement in ride(more compliant, less kick back in the steering, better over speed bumps and potholes), handling especially when cornering on uneven surfaces is in a different league and in terms of daily driving youll notice its more refined re road noise as well.

Re the steering wheel changing the paddle setup for the later spec is so worth while, I changed mine as I couldn't quite work out the logic of he push/pull set up adopted by BMW but opted to remove the std SE spec wheel and got anM3 wheel instead and it's soooooo nice nada very worth while mod rather than just changing the paddles(if this can be done on the std SE steering wheel)as I never actually bothered to find out as the thicker M3 rim or if it come to it a Sport spec steering wheel was always my only option.

And finally re wrapping the interior trim something that is on" my to do list " too