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Coding Cable Confirmation E92 01/07 Build Date

Just wanted to give everyone some info on a less expensive cable that I purchased from Amazon that worked in coding my 01/2007 build date E92.

Here is the link:

The nice thing about this cable is that it's only $45.00 and is Prime eligible for those of us with Prime accounts that means that we get the cable w/ free 2 day shipping or $3.99 one day shipping.

To document I followed the tutorial here:

I used that along with lots of reading in the coding forum before I even attempted the coding process. But, nonetheless I was able to code without a problem.

Here is my setup that I used:

Amazon Cable (see link above)
Acer Aspire One D257
Windows 7 Professional (32 bit)
phil.harlow's Walk-through (see link above)
xxxjecxxx's Pdf:

Now, from what i've read i think there is a difference with pins 7 & 8 on these OBD connectors that changed after 03/2007 (Again this is something that I thought I had read while scouring the coding forum but I didn't look into it much) and, as such I cannot confirm the cables functionality beyond that supposed cutoff (03/2007) but, for those of us with pre 03/2007 build dates I can confirm that this cable works as advertised.

If anyone has any questions about the cable in general you can shoot me a pm. Hope this helps.