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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
It's a valid lab result of how pumps work which you have clearly shown you have no clue. Other than a pressure regulator, Terry's testing was in an unrestricted environment and doesn't take into consideration restriction. A pump is a pump. I have always agreed that the walbro upgrade is a great solution for someone who wants to break apart their stock LPFP and replace it with a better pump. Although the FFTEC option cost double, it's plug n play and can be reversed quickly.
Measuring liters per hour of gasoline flow at a fixed pressure is the universtal standard for evaluating fuel pump performance. It was interesting to me that their testing with the walbro pump alone almost exactly matched the figures walbro has published for the same pump. That gives me confidence that the rest of their figures are right in the ball park.

For someone like you who has paid $600 for this FFTEC pump I understand why you feel so strongly for it, but what are your thoughts on the proposed $100 alternative solution? A walbro 255 pump in series that improved the factory pump performance by more than 50%? It goes in just as easily.