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Originally Posted by skeee1 View Post
When I use the Iphone 5 in my car I just use the cable that came with the phone plugged into the USB in the car. Trick is the phone has to be plugged into the cable before you put the key into the ignition and start the car.
You have a Combox-equipped car, which allows you to use that solution. OP doesn't, we already covered that earlier in the thread. And even in Combox cars like mine, it's completely untrue that you have to have the device plugged in before starting the car.

Originally Posted by iSerge View Post
Another solution would be to copy all your music to a flash drive and plug it directly into the USB port. then you'll have a complete control of your music (iDrive and non-iDrive) and don't have to mess with cables.
This would work, but you'd lose the ability to use playlists, and the navigation isn't so hot.

Originally Posted by Lifted07Duramax View Post
I went to best but to buy those two items in those two links and the apple guy told me the lightning delivers music thru USB so I walked out without one.

Why would I need the y adapter? I just need the USB to 30pin and 30pib to lightning adapters right?
No offense OP, but we've already told you at least twice what you need to buy to get audio in your car and why you need those things, so why is this still so difficult? The Best Buy/Apple guy is correct that Lightning provides audio through USB, but only DIGITAL audio, which your model year car doesn't accept. You need Combox for that. That's also the reason why for your car you need the Lightning to dock adapter as well as the Y-cable, because the former has a digital to audio converter that converts the iPhone 5's digital audio output into analog format which your car CAN accept, and the Y-cable takes that analog audio and feeds it into your car's AUX port. That's all already been covered in earlier posts.

Originally Posted by Lifted07Duramax View Post
Is the sound quality good?
And do I go to AUX still?
does your USB light up like the AUX does? Because mine wont even let me select USB I can select AUX but again it does nothing
Yes the sound quality is good as long as you have a decent cable. I believe you choose USB, but I'm not sure. Selecting AUX won't do anything at the moment because you don't have the headphone connector from the Y-cable connected to the AUX port. And USB probably doesn't light up because the car can see an iPhone there but also DOESN'T see a plug in the headphone jack, so it knows it can't get audio from it. Again, once you actually buy what myself and techy1 have been telling you to rather than constantly doubting what you're being told here (which makes me wonder why you even bothered to ask us) and trying to do things another way that we've already explained is unsupported on your car and why, this will all start working.

If you want music in your car, your options are:
  1. Use a Y-cable AND a Lightning to dock adapter -- yes, you really, REALLY do need both.
  2. Use a Bluetooth media gateway like the one mentioned earlier.
  3. Import your music from a flash drive and put up with inferior media management and navigation.
  4. Get a Combox retrofit for your car so you can use the regular Lightning to USB cable you've got now (as well as album art, Bluetooth audio streaming, and text messages and emails displayed on the iDrive display).
  5. Get a newer car with Combox to get the above benefits.
  6. POSSIBLY use your existing Lightning to USB cable and ADD a regular headphone cable to go from your phone to the AUX port, but even if this works it has drawbacks I already mentioned twice earlier.
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