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Question 2 piece Split Rims Bought - OFFSET help

Guys & Gals,

I've got set of 19" 2 piece wheels which I'm keeping secretive until I mount them on Timeless and boy will they look good when on

I need help however............ I bought them online via ebay and the seller was unsure of the ETs and what not so I took a leap of faith, bought them, got them refurbed and now since I'm looking to buy tires, I realised why all this info is so crucial.... yes it's my 1st time buying wheels so I know NOW, what I need to look for next time.

Anyways, since the wheels got refurbed, I can't quite make out the stamped info inside the wheel but from whatever little I can see, I THINK it reads the following:

- 8.5j x 19"
- ET 40


- 10j x 19"
- ET 40

Now.. From the measurements I have taken (following a step by step guide to work out the offset).. my findings are as follows:

- Overall Width = 240mm
- Centre Line = 120mm
- Backspace = 160mm
- Offset = Backspace - Centre Line = ET40

- Overall Width = 280mm
- Centre Line = 140mm
- Backspace = 165mm
- Offset = Backspace - Centre Line = ET25

Question is... what do I go by? What I THINK I read on the reverse of the wheel (and it does look that rear ET = 40) OR what I have worked out using the traditional method?

Also, it may be handy to know I've got an E92 335D Pre LCI dropped on BC BR Coilovers. I can of course raise the car to avoid the rims catching the coilover etc.

Would I absolutely need spacers? I want a semi-aggressive kinda' stance so I'm going for a slight stretch of tyres.

Currently on OEM 230s (19") and fronts are 225/35/19 and rears are 255/30/19

I was thinking of 215/35/19 for Fronts.... and 255/30/19 rears? How will these go down with the spec give?

Lastly, is there ANY other way to find out what 'J' the rims are??

Many thanks in advance,
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