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OK here goes...

M Sport badges on wheels must line upto the same tyre wall logo for each corner.
Valve caps are tightened to the same torque (ideally same number of turns) for each corner.
I personally put on my number plates by measuring them from top to bottom and left to right, ensuring centre mounting.
I do take 4 to 4.5 hours rinsing, washing, drying and vaccuming my car to a point I can eat my food (have not tried this but am quietly confident that I can) from the inside of my wheels - my cousin was impressed at the level of detail in cleaning I apply.
Nobody washes or cleans my car - I make it dirty, so I clean it!
I only use carnuba based waxes using two microfibre towels - these are washed and changed regularly.
I must vacuum each time I wash (at least every two weeks except in winter; may be more or less dependent on use and cleanliness).
The car must be reversed into the double garage for ease of driving out, parked close to the near side wall allowing me to open the door fully and not intruding on my other well placed garage goods.

After cleaning, my electric fold mirrors (adjusted with manual movement by a fraction of a millimetre if required) to ensure they line up (this does not apply to the mirror glass, as viewing them in the same position would be a nightmare).
All vents must be parallel pointing (on the off chance, I might let passengers change them but they go back as soon as they are done) - the rears cannot be reached by the kids... ha.
I check closure of all windows personally before and after each journey.
I check lights before each journey against the garage door (in two stages).
Tyre pressures for the two rear tyres must be equal - same applies for the fronts - I check every two weeks.
Climate controls must be in alignment (usually with the mine) - on the off chance, my wife changes her side, I equalise when she is done or not looking.
I always open the doors for the wife (she wears her wedding and engagement rings, custom bracelet(s) and I am taking no risks of scratches to the handles or handle recess areas) and kids, asking them not to scrape their shoes/boots/trainers on my paintwork, sills, plastic protection mouldings, etc. - so far so good.
I always remind my elder child she is not too touch the back of the seats with shoes, boots, trainers or climate controls (just in case she tries to reach).
No eating or drinking is allowed in the car (unless life threatening) - whether this one or any of my previous cars.
Front seats are always the same height, azimuth, recline, knee support tucked in, lumbar same on both sides (which I check regularly with equal presses).
Head restraints are always equally angled and set for height.
Wife gets annoyed and changes movement but I will later bring the balance.
The heat setting is always the same on both sides whether I have a passenger or not.
The rear view mirror must be angled so that I can only just see the near side C pillar edge, thereby providing the greatest rear view I can achieve.
My steering is always straightened upon parking outside and in the garage.
Each fill of fuel (at no less than quarter remaining), I must reset the trip and check/reset the Journey Computer.
Each time I lock the car, I must hear all door locks click (if not, I will open and redo).
This car has no dents, scrapes or scratches but in the past, if I got a stone chip or lacquer scrape, I would either have this professionally sprayed and blended or get out the mild rubbing compound, polish and wax until I cannot see the lacquer scrape and it looked like a factory finish.
Nobody touches the inside windows if they are misty. Tell me, I'll switch on the climate control to demist. Kids do get a raised tone if this happens by "mistake" and I will spend time removing the embedded stain.

I don't suffer CDO but... notes in my wallet, must be facing up, in value order by serial number. I have less control over coins but I try to keep these to a minimum. I know, this part is off-topic but I'm on a roll!
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