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Disclaimer: I have searched the shit out of this topic.

68k miles, dci, 91 octane

I installed a JB4 yesterday for the first time. Startup went perfect, all the menu's were working flawlessly, etc. Unfortunately, I am getting a repeated limp mode with 2A85 - Outlet VANOS being the culprit.

Here's where things get weird. This limp mode only comes under light throttle, low RPM city-driving. If i turn the JB4 on while on the highway, no limp mode codes are thrown.

This is a bit different than your typical, "I went WOT and got limp mode". Before I go do the clean, swap, and replace of the VANOS, has anyone experienced these symptoms?

Many thanks.

PS, the 2A85 VANOS code seems to be rare on this forum. Most people have the 2A87 code, which has the same description. Thoughts?