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Originally Posted by Lifted07Duramax View Post
I went to best but to buy those two items in those two links and the apple guy told me the lightning delivers music thru USB so I walked out without one.
Here's the thing you need to understand about Best Buy: 1 in 1000 employees actually know what the hell they're talking about on any given subject. The problem is the ones that DO know what they're talking about are a paygrade above Best Buy, and are almost certainly looking for new work. Apple Store employees are generally much, much more knowledgable and helpful (and paid much better, which might explain that), but this is a relatively unique situation even for your average apple employee. What they MIGHT be able to tell you is that most cars before late 2009/2010/2011 have a proprietary iPod (and thus iPhone) interface, where newer cars than that often work simply over USB. The short answer why is that the iTunes Music Store went fully DRM free by April '09. Before that, you couldn't play DRM'd songs via USB output, thus most cars wouldn't support it. If you want a long, detailed answer fit for an engineer, search the forums for 'alexwhittemore y cable,' I've posted on it before. But you don't want that answer.

Originally Posted by Lifted07Duramax View Post
Why would I need the y adapter? I just need the USB to 30pin and 30pib to lightning adapters right?
For one, USB>30Pin>lightning adapter is totally silly - that's functionally equivalent to a lightning USB cable.

The reasons you need a Y cable are touched upon above. If you REALLY want to know the gory technical details (you don't) I can write it up in a blog post and provide the link. But it really is that complicated a topic.