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Originally Posted by acerboo View Post
that looks a very nice car, perhaps some different exhaust tips and id fit aero lip and m sport sideskirts these will make a subtle and pleasing difference. you could go for a few bmw performance bits for the interior, handbrake handle, gearlever, pedals etc, they are affordable and top quality. I know what you mean about just wanting to keep driving it until the fuel runs out!
Thanks I can't stop smiling today! Will definately look at the aero and boot lips. There's so many things so i want to start with the litle subtle ones first but will definately keep an eye out for things everyone has suggested

Originally Posted by Ascension335i View Post
Looking good, bet the power difference feels amazing compared to the 320.

Having seen a lot of people say the standard stereo was awful, I was expecting the very worst and actually ended up being pleasantly surprised as I'd set my expectations so low.
It feels like i'm on a rollercoaster! From a stationery position i tried launching from M2 (read this somewhere) and its sooo effortless. I haven't even put my foot down from a standing start yet due to the conditions but its still rapid.

The stereo for me can be improved. Maybe try and have a listen to other ones but if you're happy then don't do anything!