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I was looking to do this without buying aftermkt parts...even a VW Jetta has this bluetooth feature now without hooking up the phone to anything...will let you stream from your iphone from ipod, pandora, spotify and need for any wires...guess bmw doesnt haver this feature yet.

Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
I can't remember, does premium have an aux input in the console? If it does, you can use a Blackberry Music Gateway (search in the audio section of the forum), and it will allow you to stream music. I used to have a flag for a very nice photo post of someone's setup, I'll try to find it.

Edit: Read through this thread, it will help explain the set up:

If you decide to go with it, I think I have my old parts, which I'll sell you at a good discount (I upgraded to the Combox, so I don't need the old set up anymore).