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Originally Posted by Luvmy335i View Post
Yea, yea, yea... I know the fuel pump is under warranty... For me the cost to change it out far out weighed any benefit of BMW performing the replacement. For some time I have been ignoring the long cranks, misfire codes under load, and 1/2 engine lights. Trolled the forums and did the switch myself. OMG the beast is back. She started instantly and is running oh so smooth. I didn't realize how bad it had gotten. I want to thank member bmroxm5 for the pics and instructions. Got he latest pump from Hope it has some longevity. I left the intake on and the junction box easily came off using a feeler gauge blade. Glad I hand some absorb pads beneath the pump when it separated from the block. A little surprised at the oil that trickled out. I left the injector side line attached to the block. A little trial and error fitting the feed tooth of the pump into the block housing and three "new" allen screws to mount. Total time under hood, 2 hours with a "cold adult beverage" break along the way. Could shorten that time considerably, just very cautious with breakdown. It's been cold and I didn't want to break any expensive plastic plugs on any sensors removed. $220 and 2 hours to switch, sorry I put this off for so long. After the fact, it truly was one of the easiest repairs I have done on this car.

Good to hear. I've heard too many people scared of turning a wrench making this out to be something bigger than it really is. Doing the Wavetrac diff install was relatively easy and I didn't figure a HPFP would be much trouble. Two hours with a break... Nice job.
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