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Should I Reset Adaptation Values? (Misfire On Startup After New Plugs and Coils)

Hey guys,

I was getting misfires prior to the winter so I changed plugs, coils and all fluids.

After I changed the plugs and coils, I started getting misfire codes only at the first start-up of the day (in the mornings before I would drive to work). I never would get a misfire again for the rest of the day and they only seem to occur on cold mornings, never on warm ones. I would start the car, let it idle and I would get a misfire.

I was reading somewhere that sometimes you need to reset the adaptation values and was wondering if anyone has done this? Or has anyone experienced similar issues when changing plugs and coils?

I bought the BT scan tool and I have COBB so I can reset the values, I just don't know if I should.

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