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Originally Posted by Jimbagley View Post
I'm not seeing a lot of Dinan posts here. My issue is this... At wot I feel a flutter, a car trying to gasp for air maybe, but definitely not linear power. Without trying to diss the expense of Dinan, what is this?
as a previous Dinan customer, and VERY acquainted with the Dinan stage 2 tune what you are experiencing is 100% oscillation

There is countless of posts around here of those with or had the Dinan S2 that are experiencing this. Some are lucky not having the issue

No, Dinan will not FIX this as they are blaming it on new BMW software updates which is BOULDER DASH !

There are plenty of us running flash tunes like Dinan in which there is no oscillation.

It had nothing to do with the car's intake, plnty of people runing 17-18 PSI on stock air box with again no oscillation.