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Originally Posted by bmwlover55 View Post
hello everyone,
im turning 16 in a couple days, the 25th to be exact. today my dad called me over to look at something, and showed me a car they got today. it was a 1998 volvo s70. thought it looked pretty decent...i mean its no bmw xD. but it will do. ive been looking at wheels to buy for it, and wondered what you guys thought:
edit: also not sure what would look better with a silver color, black or silver rims?

what the car looks like:

wheels ive looked at: http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse....%2Es&pID=36901
if anyone can photoshop these wheels on it, it would be amazing


This is your car so do as you will but I personally think the wheels you picked out would look shitty. I wouldn't put black wheels on a silver S70. May I suggest the Pegasus "R" wheel in this thread:

Also, this was my first car as well (actually a 1999 and white). Loved it to death and had a great time working on it. One of the first things I did was change all the dashboard lights from the awful pale green color to blue. Thought about red too...