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Originally Posted by hookandpull View Post
The Public transit is one of the best in the country although I still think you should rent a car... There is Pike Place market which is standard there is also the Boeing factory in Everett which I think is a must see it's the #1 tour in America and the factroy is by far the largest building in the world. You should hop on a ferry if you can and there is a new ferris wheel on the piers (I believe it's the second tallest in the country). The weather looks to be pretty shitty next weekend so that totally sucks but there is a ton to do. But if you want to see touristy stuff I would put the Boeing tour on the top of your list. I have been in every state (lived in 5) seen almost all this country has to offer and the Boeing tour is my top 5 coolest touristy things I have seen. But I have a deep appreciation for things manufactured being that I work for Booeing lol.
Thanks for the suggestions! I didn't realize Boeing was in Seattle. I definitely want to see that. As for renting a car, is it possibly to see all the places you listed without a car and using public trans? Unless I really have to, I rather not rent a car because I don't want to deal with hotel parking and such. Any idea which part of town I should stay in? How far is the airport from the center of everything?
Also is showing sunny but partly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain, should I not believe that? I know they could be wrong at times, just wasn't sure how off they would be.

Thanks for all the advice!