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Originally Posted by cuiter23 View Post
Nice write-up! I was thinking of this tune as well.
Hope it was helpful.

Originally Posted by e9012345 View Post
Take whatever you want from this.. but I am actually being honest about the tune. Believe what you want.

I think it was definitely worth it and I felt the difference in throttle response and power IMMEDIATELY on the drive home. It definitely put a smile on my face. Response is definitely there and is more prominent than the power boost for sure.. but it makes all the difference.

The once lethargic N52 really comes into its own with the tune and trust me I was the MOST skeptical of anybody else of "wasting" $500 of my hard earned money on a tune where I could easily spent it on a nice wax/polish job, a nice watch or a nice evening of hookers and scotch on the town. However I don't regret spending the money on the tune.

I track my car and have a lot of track time/experience so I'm not your average bimmer douche off the street.

I think its worth it - I don't think its a scam at all... and to be fair I can tell you that the feeling has worn off in recent months... I don't know if its the tune, whether or not my recent waterpump and t-stat repair had anything to do with it or if its just my heavy OEM winter rims and shitty winter tyres but the car feels slower. It's really amazing what light wheels and tyres can do for your car.. but I feel/hope that once I get my lightweight CSL's on in the summer the car starts putting more smiles on my face.
I'm entitled to my opinion, as are you, and you've already expressed yours in your own review thread. Don't come in my thread and try to justify the tune or say that I'm wrong.

You make too many generalizations in the way you write, but let's assess one thing that's sticking out to me most: You don't know/can't tell if your tune is even active. That says a lot.

Originally Posted by Route 16 View Post
Don't judge me but if the throttle response is even remotely close to how this guy revs. I will be a happy daily driver, don't even care about HP but it would be nice.

Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
HAHAHA that is some damn fine tuning!

Anyways, Thanks for the honest opinion & review for your car. I don't expect everyone to be happy with AA. Like what others have stated, I believe 325i guys that have done the manifold swap are the ones that benefit the most from this tune. I don't doubt your opinions on the tune because I believe xi & n51 drivers should have an honest review for them so their expectations aren't set as high as yours were. As for me, I have my 330i Manifold installed on my 325i & am waiting for June to roll around the corner to get my AA tune & PE

Anyone know of a place that does Dyno's by Thousand Oaks, CA or Simi Valley?
Thank you for understanding!

Originally Posted by redline2001 View Post
Thanks for your personal review of the tune Kamek. Think I'll just get the BMS or leave my car as is.
Glad I could help.

Guys, I'm not bashing or downplaying the AA tune. I'm just telling it how it is from my perspective. My review is just one of many that are floating around, so please don't get touchy if I don't feel the same way you do.